Optional Add-Ons to Consider



Pre-Boarding -  Available at 5:00-6:00 p.m. the night before departure.

Pre-Boarding allows you to board your houseboat the night before your scheduled departure date.  It is usually cheaper than a hotel, lets you load your gear and goodies in a leisurely fashion and you spend the night on your houseboat at our dock.  You are ready to go the next morning as soon as your required orientation is complete.  Rate - $195 + tax.


Pontoons, Kayaks, Paddle Boards and other Rentals - Want to fish, get into the smallest coves, zip all over the lake, or return to the Ship's Store during your houseboat rental?  For houseboat guests, we offer greatly reduced rental rates on other rentals.  


The docking space at the marina for your houseboat is a tight spot adjacent to our fuel dock.  We require an experienced employee to dock the houseboat and we generally only have staff available for docking on the the day of departure and the day of return.   So, if you anticipate wanting/needing to come back in to the marina for any reason, we strongly encourage the use of a smaller more nimble vessel, such as a pontoon boat.  

If you have your own small boat, we encourage you to bring it.  We will arrange for free trailer parking.   


Rental Rates

Kayaks (single or double), Stand Up Paddle Boards, or Paradise Pads - $85/unit for entire week-end or mid-week rental or $125/unit for weekly rental (+ tax).  Kayaks and paddle boards may be loaded and transported on the back deck of the houseboat.  Paradise Pads are large floating water mats that hold up to 10 people or 1800 pounds and can be tethered to your houseboat when it is secured at the shoreline.... lots of fun!


Standard Pontoon - $365 for entire week-end or mid-week rental or $595 for weekly rental (+ tax + fuel).   Pontoon rentals may be kept overnight with your houseboat.  The pontoon may be picked up and returned with the houseboat, and requires a separate driver (one for the houseboat and one for the pontoon).   

Other Rentals - For houseboat guests, jet skis, Craig Cats, and all other rentals are available at a 20% discount off normal rates.  Jet Skis and Craig Cats may NOT be kept overnight with the houseboat and are due back to the marina no later than 6:00 p.m. each day.   If you do not have the ability to pick up and return Jet Skis or Craig Cats, then we will be happy to deliver to you at select spots on the lake at no charge (Wolf Creek or Lower Flatwoods Run).    


Damage Loss Waiver –  Renters are responsible for all damages to the houseboat, even if they are more than the $300 damage deposit amount.  An available damage loss waiver covers damages above and beyond the $300 damage deposit amount.  See Damage Loss Waiver Agreement for details.  Rate - $98 + tax.