WV Houseboat Vacations

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions about our houseboat rentals.  Below is a list of the most common things we are asked.  If you have a question and it isn't answered here, please contact us.  We'd love to chat with you!  For easier reading, you may print the entire list of FAQ from the PDF here:  

Q:   Is any special licensing required to rent and operate a houseboat?

A:    To rent or operate a houseboat, you must be at least 21 years old with a valid Driver's License.  If born after December 31, 1986, then you also need a Boater’s Safety Card.  A free Boater Safety online course is available at http://www.boatus.org/westvirginia/.  If needed, we can issue a temporary boater safety card for use during your rental.  One temporary card/rental at no charge.  Extra cards - $5.00 each.  Maximum of two drivers/vessel.  

Q:   What is the maximum occupancy of the boat?

A:    The max. occupancy of the boat is 10 people but there is sleeping for only 8 (in four queen beds).  There is a private cabin with a queen bed, a 2nd private cabin with a queen bed, and a lower galley with two queen beds.  Bedding is provided for the four beds (sheets, pillows, and blanket).  No additional bedding is on-board.  For additional quests, you will need to bring a sleeping bag/air mattress, etc.  The living area has a couch but no sleeper sofa. 


Q:   How much water is on the boat?  Is it drinkable?

A:    The boat has a 300 gallon fresh water tank that is filled prior to your departure with chlorinated city water, which is drinkable.  All faucets and the shower pull from this fresh water tank.  We recommend conserving water.  If you have a full boat for a week-long stay, we recommend scheduling a mid-week fill-up. 


Q:   We rented a houseboat at another marina and we couldn’t put toilet paper in the toilet.  Do you have the same policy?

A:    Yes, we do.  Marine toilets are very easily clogged.   To save headaches for everyone, we provide a covered waste basket for toilet paper, tissues, etc.  The toilet is for human waste only.


Q:  How large is the waste holding tank?

A:    The waste tank holds 400 gallons and is sufficient for a full boat out for an entire week.     

Q:  What if there is bad weather?

A:  If wind speed is above 12 mph (determined by the windsock flying at the marina) then you must wait for calm winds to depart with the boat.  If you are on the lake, the safest place for you and your crew is secured in a cove.


Q:   Someone in my party has a CPAP machine.  Is there a plug-in for it?

A:    As long as the generator is running, the boat will have electrical power.  There are no electrical outlet in the bedrooms, but there are outlets in the hallway and bathrooms.  You will need to bring a short extension cord to reach an outlet from a bedroom.  


Q:   What if there is an emergency while we are on the lake?

A:    If there is a medical or other emergency, call 911.  Emergency services for the lake are provided through 911.  We also advise bringing or renting a pontoon boat or other smaller vessel so that you can quickly seek help if needed.  Cell service may only be available in the coves closest to the marina.  We suggest checking for cell service prior to securing your boat for the evening.  Our boats do not have a ship to shore radio. 

Q:  What is the best cell phone service on the lake?

A:  If you wish to have communication with the marina or outside world during your rental, we recommend that someone in your party have a cell phone with AT&T or Sprint service.  With AT&T or Sprint, you will get cell signal on a good portion of the lake.


Q:   Someone in my party has a wheelchair.  Is the boat handicap accessible?

A:    Our houseboats are not handicap accessible. 


Q:   Not everyone in my party will be arriving at the same time.  What do we do?

A:    If you have late joiners and have already departed with the houseboat, there are a couple options: 

  1. If you have your own small boat, or rent one of our pontoons, then you may come in to the marina at your convenience and pick them up.

  2. You may drive the houseboat back to the no wake zone adjacent to the marina and we will bring your party out to meet you at the boat (9 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.).

  3. If your houseboat is in either of the two coves closest to the marina (Wolf Creek or Lower Flatwoods Run), then we can deliver your party to the boat.  We will make up to one trip during your stay to either of these locations at no charge.  Additional deliveries/pick-ups from either of these locations is $50.  Delivery/pick-up is available between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. only and must be scheduled in advance.  Delivery or pick-up is not available from any other locations on the lake. 


Q:   Do you offer a discount off your other rentals to houseboat guests?

A:    We offer reduced rental rate off standard pontoons, kayaks, paddle boards, and Paradise Pads when rented for the entire duration of your houseboat rental.  All of these rentals may be kept overnight with the houseboat.  Standard pontoons are available for $365+tax+fuel for an entire mid-week or week-end rental or $595 for an entire week.  Kayaks, paddle boards, and Paradise Pads are available for $85+tax for an entire mid-week or week-end rental or $125 for an entire week.  Jet skis and Craig Cats are available at a 20% discount off normal rental rates.   Jet skis and Craig Cats may NOT be kept overnight with the houseboat.  Delivery/pick-up of a rental is available at Wolf Creek or Lower Flatwoods Run only.  


Q:   What if we have little or no boating experience?     

A:    If you are not comfortable operating the houseboat, there are a couple alternate options:

  1. You may keep the boat moored at the marina and explore the lake in a smaller vessel.  Ask us about reduced rental rates for a dock side houseboat rental.     

  2. We can take the boat up the lake and secure it for you in one of the two coves closest to the marina.  With this option, you will want to rent a pontoon or bring your own small boat to explore the lake.    


Q:   Some of my party would like to come in to the marina during the rental.  

A:    If you anticipate wanting or needing to go back and forth from the marina during your stay, we recommend a smaller vessel to do so (yours or ours).  Houseboat guests may rent a pontoon for $345 for an entire mid-week or week-end, which is at a greater than 50% discount off normal rental rates.  The houseboat may only be docked at the marina by our staff and docking must be pre-scheduled.  With a pontoon, you can come and go at your leisure during day light hours.  There is no night navigation by pontoons or houseboats. 


Q:  If I choose the pre-boarding option, can we depart when we arrive instead of the next day?

A:    With pre-boarding, we make the houseboat available to you at 5:00-6:00 p.m. the evening before your scheduled departure.  Your entire party does not need to arrive by 6:00 p.m., just one person that we can go over the boat with (lights, heat, a/c, etc.)


        We never send a houseboat out on the lake in the evening because you need time to get up the lake and get the boat tied off before dark.  Plus, our insurance does not cover night navigation.  You will be first in line for departure the next morning. 


Q:   Do your boats have skinny thin mattresses like I’ve had on other boats?

A:    Our boats have regular mattresses of normal thickness.


Q:   What is the age and condition of your boats?

A:    All three of our houseboats are identical in floor layout, design, and amenities.  They are either  2001 or 2002 models that have been regularly updated.  Maintenance is a regular ongoing activity.  We are proud of our boats and work hard to keep them properly maintained.  


Q:   Is there Television or Internet service on the boat?

A:    There is a modern 21” television in the living area.  There is no satellite service so it is mainly for DVD’s or games (bring your own).  There is no internet service once you are on the lake.  On a good portion of the lake you will get cell service.