Our Houseboats come with many extras, but there are some things you need to bring with you.


You may print this checklist from here:  








  • Driver's License - All driver's need to present a valid driver's license at check-in.

  • Boater Safety Card - Driver's born on December 31, 1986 or after, must have a "Boater's Safety Card".  You can obtain a "Boater's Safety Card" at www.boatus.org or we can issue a temporary Boater's Safety Card for the length of your boat rental.

  • Fishing License – Available from WV DNR at www.wvfish.com.    Sutton Lake Marina does not sell fishing licenses.  There is a Wal-Mart at Exit 67 off I-79 that sells fishing licenses (Phone 304.689.3004).  This is also a great place to pick up supplies; they are about three miles from the marina.

  • Cell Phone - Our boats do not have a ship to shore radio.  We recommend that someone in your party have a cell phone with AT&T or Sprint service.  With AT&T or Sprint, you will get cell signal on a good portion of the lake.  

  • Food and Condiments – coffee (for 10-cup maker), salt, pepper, butter, cooking oil or spray, etc.

  • Supplies - Plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc.

  • Beverages - We do not search coolers, but please be aware that the US Army Corp of Engineers has declared Sutton Lake to be alcohol free.

  • Personal toiletries

  • Towels – you need to bring whatever bath and beach towels you will need.  Only small hand towels and wash clothes are included with your rental.

  • Entertainment Items - CD’s, DVD’s, Cards, Games, Books, etc.

  • Binoculars, Camera, Flashlight, Gloves (helpful when tying up boat) 

  • Fishing Gear- The marina sells live bait (minnows, night crawlers, wax worms, and meal worms).

  • Suntan Lotion, Sun Block, Insect Repellent

  • Air Mattress / Sleeping Bags (if additional sleeping arrangements are needed besides the four queen beds)

  • Ice chest or cooler (for use on the upper deck).



  • All bedding – Pillows, sheets, and blankets for four queen sized beds.

  • Wash cloths, hand soap, and toilet tissue.  (You need to bring towels.)

  • Fully equipped kitchen including 10-cup coffee maker & filters, toaster, dishes, glassware, silverware, pots/pans, utensils, serveware, can opener, wine opener, microwave, propane gas grill (on front lower deck), and full-size range with four stove top burners.  Please note that the oven has been disabled as a safety precaution to prevent possible propane buildup.

  • Paper towel and trash bags.  Extra trash bags are stocked in the bottom of each trash can.  If you use a lot of paper towels you may wish to bring extra.

  • Ice – Your houseboat rental includes up to 100 pounds of ice.  There are two built in coolers located on the lower deck.  Additional ice is available from our ship’s store ($4.00 for a 20 pound bag or $2.50 for a 10 pound bag).



We are here to help make your time with us exciting, stress-free, and enjoyable.  

Let us know if we can assist you in any way.